About Sushruta Ayurvedic Therapy Center

Sushruta Clinic was founded in year 1995 by Dr Harish Kumar Verma, (B.A.M.S. Gold Medalist, & DNM Canada). Dr. Verma, Sushruta Ayurvedic Therapy Center Pvt. Ltd, has one ultimate mission that is to serve the mankind via best possible Ayurvedic medicines.

15 minutes Online Consultation with Dr. Harish Verma - Sushruta Clinic

15 minutes Online Consultation with Dr. Harish Verma

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Consult with Dr. Harish Verma over phone, skype, whatsapp. You shall be provided time and date of consultation within 24 hours by our management.

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PACKING SIZE: 1 Month supply consists of

2 bottles of Livobetter Capsules (Rs. 750 x 2)2 bottles of Immunorm Capsules (Rs. 500 x 2)

Each plastic bottle contains 30 Capsules.

GMP-CERTIFIED PRODUCT - Every bottle of Livobetter & Immunorm is made in GMP certified, registered facilities, ensuring its effectiveness and superior quality.



“Strongly recommend for Ulcerative Colitis patients. Saying this from our own experience. My wife suffered with UC. With Alopath, it is the end of the road from the very outset as was told that UC is incurable but thanks to Dr. Verma’s medicines, my wife has been okay for the last 3-4 years without any medicine whatsoever.” –

Mr. Rajesh Kumar

“My experience with this clinic is excellent.The people there are very kind, co-operative, considerate and sincere.The doctors special are superb. They really define the meaning of being good human beings .Their method of diagnosis and treatment are excellent.They make everything clear to the patients,never misguide them,motivate and guide them and help in reviving back to normal life.Hats off to them.” 

Sudesh khatri
(Delhi, India)

“After being diagnosed with crohns disease and a vesico colic fistula. I have gained a lot of relief thanks to ulcerine compound 1 and 2 from Dr Verma. Dr Vermas medicine promotes healing to my intestine. Their mission is to heal people and not to make money. All I know is that Dr Verma is very passionate to heal all the sufferers” 

Ms. Preeti