Earlier, Lighter Dinner: Ayurveda Daily Habits For Feeling Your Best

Earlier, lighter dinners? Yes, please!
One of the first things I learned in my study of Ayurveda is the importance of creating a daily routine that aligns with the rhythms of Nature.
As someone with a dominant Vata dosha, routines are not something we tend to incorporate into our day automatically. The most common “default” for Vata dosha is to actually have no routines whatsoever lol.
Routines, however, help the body to optimally carry out all its amazing functions that keep us healthy.
Ayurveda teaches that the middle of the day is best for digestion. When the sun is at its peak, our agni or ability to digest is at its strongest. When our digestive ability is strong, we’re able to create healthy tissues, eliminate waste efficiently and produce a subtle essence called ojas which influences immunity, physical strength and clarity of perception.
In the evening, however, our digestive ability slows down. Ayurveda suggests it’s best to eat dinner at least three hours before going to sleep so that our body can fully digest the food. If you have trouble going to sleep, eating earlier may help.
When we fully digest everything before going to sleep, the body can direct energy to all its other important nighttime functions like flushing out toxins from the brain, digesting the events of the day and repairing and growing brain cells. (wow, who knew lol!?)
Waking up energized and feeling lighter are additional benefits of eating an earlier, lighter dinner. If you tend to eat large meals just before going to sleep, try eating earlier (and lighter) and see how you feel.
The best proof of any wellness practice after all is how you feel. Bon appetit!
p.s. What’s another gamechanging habit to introduce into your daily routine? Sleep — including the importance of going to sleep at the right time. Learn more about optimal sleep here.

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